How We Can Help You

  1. Assist you in becoming an informed, self-sufficient consumer who understands the Funeral Rule, know you have a right to price lists, price quotes by phone, and the right to pick and choose the goods and services you want and can afford. Helps you understand that love is not based on the amount of money you spend.

  2. Provide guidance so you can have a dignified, simple and affordable funeral or cremation.

  3. Provide guidance for your personal pre-planning, and how to hold a conversation with your family about your last wishes. You have not paid for your funeral by joining the FCA. And wee do not prepay--especially at the prices we as FCA members receive, but if you are going to insist on prepaying then our contract funeral homes will do so at their regular prices only--buyer beware!

  4. Provide forms for compiling your personal end of life wishes and information needed for the certificate of death.

  5. Provide personal telephone consultation(s)

  6. Conduct a mortuary survey all odd-numbered years--it shows you what you would pay by using non-contracted funeral homes--FCA SATX receives member pricing only from Funeral Caring USA. See Member Price List page for details.

  7. Conduct a cemetery survey all even-numbered years.

  8. Provide a semi-annual newsletter.

  9. Provide a speakers bureau and will be happy to do a presentation for any group who would like to become informed consumers.

  10. We can and will do an immediate sign-up for a family member who died unexpectedly--call 210-341-2213 to schedule an emergency meeting to get your loved one signed up so you can take advantage of the tremendous savings our membership offers.